Henri II, 1553

Duplessy 973; Friedberg 369, PCGS graded AU Details

The gold coinage of Henri II is notable for its narcissistic character. The simple crowned shield or quartered arms obverse types of his father largely give way to portraits of the armored king that underline his almost constant wars and love of the joust. Even the traditional cross type has been reworked to advertise the Henri II. Here and on other issues of full and demi henris d’or the arms of the cross are actually composed of the initial H of the king’s name.

Rouen. HENRICVS · II · D · G · FRAN · REX ·, cuirassed bust of Henri II right. Reverse: (star) DVM · TOTVM · COMPLEAT · ORBEM · 1553, cross composed of four crowned Hs, with alternating lis and crescents in the angles.

Ex Triton XXI (10 January 2018), 989