Henri III, 1578-H

Duplessy 1121A; Friedberg 386, PCGS graded MS-61

Upon the death of Charles XI, his brother Henri, the King of Poland-Lithuania (1573-1575) returned to France and ascended the throne as Henri III. He inherited the ongoing upheavals of the French Wars of Religion (1562-1598) that had been exacerbated in the reign of his brother and which had developed into a civil war with factions supported by foreign powers. A Catholic party was supported by Spain and the Papal States while the Protestant English and Dutch aided the Huguenots. At the same time, a third party of Malcontents combined Catholic and Protestant elements devoted to curbing the king’s absolutist power. The War of the Three Henris (Henri III, Henri of Navarre, and Henri of Guise) broke out in 1587 over the possibility of Protestant Henri of Navarre succeeding the childless Henri III as king of France. The problem was solved by the murder of the duplicitous Henri of Guise in 1588 and the assassination of the king in Henri III in the following year. Henri of Navarre was the last Henri standing.

La Rochelle, 1st type. (sun) · HENRICVS · III · D · G FRAN : ET · POL · REX, crowned arms of France. Reverse: + CHRISTVS · REGNAT · VINCIT · ET · INPERAT · 1578, cross anillée and fleurdelisée.

Ex MDC Monaco (1 December 2017), 418