Henry VI of England, 1423-1433

Elias 270c; cf. Poey d’Avant 3181; Friedberg 18 and 301, PCGS graded MS-65

The present coin is Henry VI’s version of Charles VI’s popular salut d’or. It differs from the original type in several regards—although Gabriel still greets the Virgin Mary with an ave, their positions are transposed and instead of facing across the crowned arms of France the Biblical figures now stand behind the arms of both France and England in the same way that the Archangel does on the angelot d’or fraction. To emphasize the English quality of the Henry’ VI’s salut d’or, an English Lion punctuates the legend at the top.

Rouen mint, 1423-1433. ?E?RICVS DEI GRA FRACORV Z AGLIE REX, the Virgin standing facing, receiving tablet inscribed AVE from the Archangel Gabriel standing left; radiance above, two shields below. Reverse: XPC VI?CIT XPC REG?AT XPC ImPERAT, Latin cross; lis to left, lion passant to right, ? below; all within polylobe, with inward-facing lis in each point.

Ex Goldberg (29 May 2006), 867