Innocent VII, Pope 1404-1406

Muntoni 1; Berman 250, PCGS graded XF-45

Rome. InnOCEN-TIVS PP VII, Pope Innocent VII enthroned facing, raising hand in benediction and holding cruciform scepter. Reverse: + SAnCTVS PETRVS S P Q R, crossed keys, star above.

After the death of Boniface IX, Cosimo de’ Migliorati was elected as Pope Innocent VII on October 17, 1404, in opposition to the Antipope Benedict XIII in Avignon. He was unanimously elected by a conclave of 8 (!) cardinals. His short reign was troubled by frequent rioting of the Ghibelline party (pro-Holy Roman Empire) and increased reliance on the support of King Ladislaus of Naples. Although he had sworn an oath to take steps to heal the Western Schism the turbulence of his reign made this a goal secondary to remaining in power and in possession of Rome. In any case, he was not at heart receptive to the idea that he and the Antipope should resign together in the interests of peace and Christian unity. Pope Innocent VII died suddenly on November 6, 1406. Some claimed that he was a victim of foul play.