James I, Stuart King 1603-1625

London. Third coinage of 1619-1625. Thistle mintmark. Rare. This denomination carried a value of 30 silver shillings and replaced the earlier Fine Sovereign, of 30 shillings. The new denomination also presented a new design: crowned and bearded, the king is seated facing but slightly sideways on a wide throne, having an elaborate or “diapered” tall back and broad arms, holding an orb and a scepter, his feet resting on a portcullis. Reverse displays the royal shield over a floriated long cross with value on top (“XXX” for 30 shillings), surrounded by emblems of majesty.

An exquisite example of this wonderful rarity, boldly struck showing tiny details, including a full face of the king, on a broad flan displaying full legends and a nearly complete outer beading, glowing with luster and enhanced by delightful gold toning.