James I, Stuart King 1603-1625

London. Second coinage of 1604-1619. Rose mintmark. Very rare. This new denomination was valued at 15 silver shillings, or half the value of the Rose-ryal. Its design was an updating of an earlier classic: the king stands amidships, crowned and holding a large royal shield and a sword, his flag fluttering at the bow, a rose at the hull where it meets the sea; reverse, a rose over a sunburst (spur-rowel) at the center of the royal cross composed of 8 tressures, each over top of a royal emblem.

A fine example of this very rare issue, possessing one of the most remarkable designs of all early English gold coins, this specimen on a broad flan with excellent detail and full, sharp legends from a strong, even strike, sheathed in beautiful old-gold toning.