John XXII, Pope 1316-1334

Muntoni 1; Berman 170, PCGS graded AU-50

Macerata. PP Ioh-ANnES, Pope John XXII enthroned facing, raising hand in benediction and holding cruciform scepter. Reverse: + SALVE SCA CRVX, cross pattée.

Jacques Duèze was elected as Pope John XXII by the College of Cardinals in Avignon on August 7, 1316. His reign is notable for his dispute with members of the Franciscan Order over the meaning of Christian poverty: the poor Franciscans held that the Jesus and the Apostles owned nothing, while John XXII, who had many possessions of his own, contended that they did and declared the Franciscan views to be heretical. This dispute took on a dangerous political dimension after the Pope claimed authority over the Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV. The Emperor responded in 1328 by installing Nicholas V, a Franciscan Antipope, in Rome. Nicholas V was driven out the following year and gave up his claims in 1330, four years before the death of John XXII.