Roman Empire

Julian of Pannonia, Usurper AD 284-285

RIC 1, pl. XX, 17 (same obv. die); Calico 4413 (same obv. die), Superb Mint State

Siscia. IMP C IVLIANVS P F AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Julian of Pannonia right. Reverse: LIBERTAS PVBLICA, Libertas standing facing, head left, holding pileus and cornucopiae; in right field, star.

Ex Gemini V (6 January 2009), 832; LHS 97 (10 May 2006), 82; J. Schulman 243 (8 June 1966); Sir Arthur J. Evans (Ars Classica XVII, 30 October 1934), 1811; Vogel Collection (Hess, 25 March 1929), 946; Consul Weber Collection (J. Hirsch XXIV, 10 May 1909), 446

M. Aurelius Julianus, usually known as Julian of Pannonia, served as an imperial official in Pannonia under Carus, but when news of the deaths of Carus and Numerian arrived from the East he raised a regional revolt and proclaimed himself emperor. Julian advanced against Carinus in Italy, but found himself outnumbered and defeated in early AD 285. He is sometimes conflated with several other usurpers in Italy and Africa named Julianus who rebelled against Carinus and Maximian.