Roman Republic (Imperatorial Period)

Julius Caesar, Dictator 40 BC

Crawford 526/4; HCRI 331; Sydenham 1133; RSC 45, Superb Extremely Fine

Rome, posthumous issue. Q. Voconius Vitulus, moneyer. Laureate head of Julius Caesar right. Reverse: Q · VOCONIVS above, VITVLVS · Q · /DESIGN in two lines in exergue, S C acrosss field, bull-calf walking left.

The obverse of this denarius features an impressive portrait of Julius Caesar without the obscuring priestly veil, although he still wears a wreath. According Suetonius, the dictator was embarrassed by his baldness and used wreaths to hide it from others. The height of Caesar’s hairline is readily apparent upon close inspection of this exceptionally detailed and well-preserved portrait. One can only imagine how history might have been changed if Rogaine had been available in the first century BC.