Julius II, Pope 1503-1513

Muntoni 6; Berman 558, PCGS graded MS-62

Rome. IVLIVS II PONT MAX, arms of Pope Julius II right within quadrilobe. Reverse: + SANCTVS PETRVS ALMA ROM’, SS. Peter and Andrew fishing from a boat.

Although Papal coins of the fifteenth century most commonly depict St. Peter alone fishing from his boat, this issue of Pope Julius II depicts St. Peter with a second saint behind him. The depiction with St. Peter alone seems to refer to the miraculous catch of fish reported in Luke 5:1-11, which only mentions the catch in relation to Simon Peter and marks the beginning of his discipleship. The present coin type with the additional saint probably refers to the miraculous catch fish reported by John 21:1-14 after the resurrection of Jesus. In this account, Peter, together with Thomas, Nathaniel, James and John were all out fishing when Jesus appeared to them and caused them to catch 153 large fish. Unfortunately it is not possible to identify precisely which disciple accompanies St. Peter here.