Julius II, Pope 1503-1513

Muntoni 4; Berman 556, PCGS graded AU-58

Rome. IVLIVS II LIGVR P M, bust of Pope Julius II right. Reverse: NAVIS AETERNAE SALVTIS, SS. Peter and Andrew fishing from a boat.

It was said that Pope Julius II chose his throne name not in honor of the fourth-century pope of the same name, but rather in honor of Julius Caesar, whom he hoped to emulate in his dealings with the temporal rulers of his age. He not only destroyed the influence of the House of Borgia in Italy but also personally led the armies of the Papal States to victory against the French forces occupying northern Italy at the battle of Mirandorla in 1510. He followed this victory in 1511 with the formation of a Holy League against France, but this was defeated in 1512. Nevertheless, Julius II had succeeded in centralizing the Papal States and restoring a semblance of independence to Italy for the moment.