Roman Empire

Libius Severus, Western Roman Emperor AD 461-465

RIC 2705; Lacam 4; Depeyrot 54/1, Extremely Fine

Rome, AD 462. D N LIBIVS SEVE-RVS P F AVG, diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Libius Severus right. Reverse: VICTORI-A AVGGG, emperor standing facing, holding long cross and Victory on globe, foot on man-headed serpent; R-M//COMOB*.

Ex NAC 75 (18 November 2013), 396

Three months after the death of Majorian, Ricimer elevated an undistinguished senator named Flavius Libius Severus Serpentius as Western Emperor. Although the Eastern Emperor Leo I did not recognize him, he did acquiesce to a request from Severus that he dissuade Marcellinus, the semiautonomous governor of Dalmatia, from attacking Italy. The reign of Libius Severus is poorly known, although he seems to have made concessions to the Visigoths in Gaul in an effort to contain Aegidius, Majorian’s loyal magister militum per Gallia. Libius Severus appears to have died of natural causes although later sources claimed that he was poisoned by Ricimer.