Louis III, 879-882

Cf. Morrison & Grunthal 1255-6; cf. Prou 453, PCGS graded AU-50

After his father died, Louis III ruled West Francia jointly with his elder brother Carloman II, taking Neustria as his share of the kingdom. In 880, the two brothers together with their cousin, Charles II, campaigned against Boso, the Duke of Provence who had dared to claim kingship. Despite their many successes they were unable to crush Boso completely. In the following year, Louis III won a major victory against Viking raiders that was celebrated in the Old High German poem Ludwigslied. Alas, in 822, he died ignominiously, fracturing his skull on a low door lintel as he was mounting his horse.

Tours. + MISERICORDIA DI REX, Louis monogram. Reverse: + TVRONES CIVITAS, short cross.

Ex CGB (18 June 2009), 28