Louis XVIII (2nd Government), 1816-A

KM 713.1; Friedberg 532, PCGS graded MS-64

Although many members of the Seventh Coalition against Napoleon—especially Tsar Alexander I of Russia—had begun to entertain grave doubts about the ability of Louis XVIII to rule in France, he was restored to the throne for a second time by the Duke of Wellington on July 8, 1815. The king’s second restoration was marred by the so-called Second White Terror that immediately followed. This saw a bloody purge of some 50,000-80,000 members of the military and civilian administration that had supported Napoleon during the Cent Jours and swept into power an ultra-royalist and ultra-reactionary cabinet. The Second White Terror was finally ended by the institution of a general amnesty at the beginning of 1816. Louis XVIII tried to tone down the extremism of the cabinet, which he quipped was “more royalist than the king” by appointing centrist cabinet ministers, but always feared that he would be succeeded by his nephew, Charles Philippe, the ultra-royalist Count of Artois.

Paris. Head of Louis XVIII right. Reverse: Crowned arms within wreath.

Ex Ponterio (8 August 2009), 8547