Louis XVIII, 1814

KM 706.1; Friedberg 525, PCGS graded MS-65

With the abdication of Napoleon as Emperor of the French, on April 6, 1814, Louis XVIII, the long-exiled brother of Louis XVI, was recalled to Paris to sit on the throne of France. However, unlike Louis XVI, he was to be a constitutional monarch with limits placed on his authority by the articles of the Charter of 1814. He was not to be an absolute monarch. He accepted many of the administrative and legal reforms of the Napoleonic period, but the initial popularity of Louis XVIII disintegrated as he attempted to restore the lands taken during the Revolution to returned French émigrés and the Catholic Church, and replaced the tricolore flag of the Revolution with the white Bourbon flag. The restored monarch was very quick to wear out his welcome and by the beginning of 1815, many Frenchmen had already tired of his reign.

Paris. Uniformed bust of Louis XVIII right. Reverse: Crowned arms within wreath.

Ex Heritage (4 January 2009), 20988