Roman Empire

Magnia Urbica, Empress AD 283-285

RIC 340; Pink -; Calicó 4409, Superb Extremely Fine

Rome. MAGNIA V-RBICA AVG, diademed and draped bust of Magnia Urbica right. Reverse: VENERI V-ICTRICI, Venus standing facing, head right, pulling drapery from shoulder and holding apple.

Ex NAC 97 (12 December 2006), 229; Rauch 90 (4 June 2012), 856

Little is known about Magnia Urbica beyond that she was an imperial woman of the dynasty of Carus. She has been variously described as the wife of Carus and mother of Carinus and Numerian or the wife of Carinus and mother of Nigrinian. She disappears from history after the death of Carinus.