Roman Empire

Maximianus, Co-Emperor AD 286-305

RIC -; cf. Depeyrot 9/6 and 9/7 (obv./rev.), Superb Extremely Fine

Rome, ca. AD 294. MAXIMIANVS P F AVG, head of Maximianus right, wearing lion’s skin headdress. Reverse: HERCVLI DEBELLAT, Hercules standing right, raising club to strike the Hydra, one of whose heads he grabs; PROM.

Ex Leu 87 (6 May 2003), 102; Tkalec (25 October 1996), 263

Realizing that the problems of the Empire were too great for one man, Diocletian elevated his former military comrade, Maximian, as his Caesar in AD 285. Maximian had responsibility for the Western Empire and enjoyed successes against the Alemanni. After the formation of the Tetrarchy in AD 293, Maximian became Augustus in the West with his own Caesar, Constantius. Together they reclaimed Britannia and won victories in Hispania and Africa. When Diocletian abdicated in AD 305, Maximian grudgingly did likewise, but happily came out of retirement during the revolt of his son, Maxentius, in the following year. After a failed attempt to overthrow Maxentius in AD 308, Maximian fled to the court of Constantine. He was forced to commit suicide in AD 310 after he also attempted to usurp Constantine’s authority.