Roman Empire

Otacilia Severa, Empress AD 244-249

RIC 125; Calicó 3264, Superb Extremely Fine

Rome. M OTACIL SEVERA AVG, diademed and draped bust of Otacilia Severa right. Reverse: CONCORDIA AVGG, Concordia seated left, holding patera and double cornucopiae.

Ex Aureo & Calicó, Imagines Imperatorum (15 February 2012), 218

Born to an old senatorial family, Marcia Otacilia Severa married the future Philip I while he still served in the Praetorian Guard under Severus Alexander. She followed her husband on the ill-fated Persian campaign of Gordian III is sometimes suspected of having had involvement in the plot that elevated Philip I to the purple. She became Augusta and reigned as Empress until the overthrow of her husband in AD 249. Although her son, Philip II, was murdered after the fall of his father, Otacilia Severa remained unharmed and withdrew from Rome to live in the Syrian birthplace of her dead husband.