Andragoras, Satrap and self-proclaimed King of Parthia 246-238 BC

Mitchiner 20; BMC 3-4, pl. xxviii, 2-3., Extremely Fine

Mint of Hekatompylos. Turreted head of Tyche r. wearing pendant earring and necklace; monogram of Andragoras behind. Rev. ?????????? Athena standing l. wearing helmet, long chiton and himation holding owl on extended hand and resting on a shield, transverse spear behind. One of only a few examples known..


During what appeared to be the imminent collapse of the Seleucid Empire, when Ptolemy III of Egypt seized control of the capital from Seleukos II, Andragoras seceded from the empire and made his area of the northern region of Parthia into an independent kingdom. Andragoras was unable to maintain control of this area and was defeated by Arsakes and his brother Tiridates.