Roman Empire

Philip II, Caesar AD 244-246

RIC 218a; cf. Calicó 3275 (bust), Nearly Extremely Fine

Rome, AD 245. M IVL PHILIPPVS CAES, bare-headed and draped bust of Philip II right. Reverse: PRINCIPI I VVENT, Philip standing facing, head left, holding globe and scepter.

Ex Leu 91 (5 October 2004), 638; Hess-Leu 22 (4 April 1963), 225

When Philip I became Emperor in AD 244, he elevated his young son, M. Julius Philippus Severus (Philip II) to the rank of Caesar. Three years later he became co-emperor with his father despite the fact that he was only ten years old. He seems to have had no impact on policy or fought in any campaigns, but in AD 249, after it was learned in Rome that Philip I had been killed by Trajan Decius he was murdered by the Praetorian Guard and left to die in his mother’s arms.