Philippe I, 1060-1108

Duplessy 50, PCGS graded XF-45

In 1072, Philippe I entered into a marriage alliance with Count Robert I of Flanders, marrying the count’s daughter, Bertha. Although she provided him an heir, the future Louis VI, Philippe I repudiated Bertha in 1092 (on the grounds that she was too fat!) so that he could marry his true love, Bertrade de Montfort. This outrageous act earned the king excommunication from the French bishop Hugh of Die in 1094. This was reinforced by Pope Urban II the following year at the Council of Clermont in between the preaching of the First Crusade. Philippe I repeatedly promised to leave Bertrade and had the excommunication lifted, only to have it reimposed when he failed to live up to his promises. At last, in 1104, he managed to figure out how to keep things hushed up and made a public penance, thereby returning to the good graces of the Church.

Orleans, 1st type. + PHIL-PVS X REX D-I, city gate between NE-IC; I above, AT within. Reverse: + AVRELIANIS CIVITA, short cross with S in 1st and 4th angles.

Ex Künker (12 March 2007), 259