Pius VIII, Pope 1829-1830

Muntoni 2; Berman 3266, PCGS graded AU-58

Rome. PIVS VIII PONT MAX ANNO II, bust of Pope Pius VIII right; ROM 1830 below. Reverse: S EXVPERANTIVS EP S SPERANDIA, SS. Esperanzo and Sperandea standing; SINGVLI PATRONI/B 30 in two lines in exergue.

Although Pope Pius VIII undertook some reforms in the Papal States in matters of faith he remained a staunch conservative, condemning the increasingly popular idea of religious pluralism and modern translations of the Bible into vernacular languages. After a brief reign of less than two years, Pius VIII fell ill and died on November 30, 1830. Although the Pope had always been in poor health it was rumored that he had been poisoned.