Raoul, 923-936

Morrison & Grunthal -; MEC 1, -, PCGS graded AU-53

In 923, Raoul (Rudolph) the Duke of Burgundy and Count of Troyes was elected by the Frankish nobility to succeed his father-in-law, Robert I, as King of West Francia. His reign was troubled by repeated Viking and Norman raids and by invasions of migrating Magyars, but the greatest problem for the king was the ambition of Herbert II, the Count of Vermandois, and the fact that he retained the deposed Charles III in captivity as a potential royal rival. However, after Charles III died in 929, Herbert II lost his powerful leverage and Roul aggressively worked to destroy the count’s power. Between 931 and 934, Raoul burned Herbert II’s fortresses and at last besieged him in Château-Thierry. A peace settlement was made in 935, but Raoul had little time to enjoy it, dying a few months later.

Orleans. CRATIA D-I REX, Raoul monogram. Reverse: +AVREL’ANIS CIVTAS, short cross.

Ex Künker (12 March 2007), 235