Vahram (Bahram IV), Sasanian King AD 388-399

Sunrise # 883 (this coin), SNS Type Ia1/1a, Gobl Type I/2, Very Fine

Mint: Adurbadagan ( Present day Azerbayjan either Northwest Iran or Republic of Azerbayjan in western Caspian Sea).


Bahram IV, shown with his winged merlon crown, succeeded his father Shapur III. At this time Sasanian Empire came into direct contact with Hunnic and Turkic tribes which had moved into the areas formerly occupied by the Kushans. This development forced Sasanians from Bactria (present day Afghanistan) and Transoxiana (present day Central Asia comprised of Turkmenistan and Kazakistan). Some of the Hunnic tribes such as Kidarites and and the Alkhons began minting coins in the style of Sasanian kings. In addition, Bahram IV’s reign saw renewed hostilities between Rome and Persia due to Persarmenia’s desire to break free from the Sasanian suzerainty; This uprising was crushed quickly, ending the threat of major confrontation between Sasanian Persia and Rome. On the home front, Bahram made certain adjustments in weights and measures of the Sasanian gold dinars. Bahram IV was assassinated by his personal guard after being in power for eleven years.