Yazdgird (Yazdgard) II, Sasanian King AD 438-457

Sunrise # 930, SNS Type Ic2/1, Gobl Type I/2, Superb Extremely Fine

Mint: AW (Ohrmazd Ardashir) near present day city of Shushtar in southwest Iran.


Yazdgird II came to power after his father’s death. His reign also was peaceful similar to his father in domestic front. However the dispute with Rome over Armenia continued to become a crisis. He began countering the progress of Christianity in Persia by persecution of Christians whom he conducted accross the west as well as Armenia. His confrontation with Armenian leaders in the battle of Avarayr though successful created a major Armenian natinoalistic legend that has lasted to this day and is rememberd by Armenians in ceremonies and literature. Historian have recorded Yazdgird II personal conduct as aloof and detached keeping the nobility at arms length but clever enough to strike the right cord with priesthood in order to remain in power. Another major achievemnt of Yazdgird II was the construction of the “Caspian Gates” in the City of Derbent (also know as Darband in present day Republic of Azerbayjan). This defensive fortification which portions of it have survived to this day was considered a marvel of engineering that stopped the nomadic tribes from boat landing on the Caspian coast.This extremely rare Dinar indicate a standard rendition of his portrait on the obverse. The reverse of his coin is known to collectors and experts as the “Prayer” type reverse, showing the attendants rasing their hands in respect to the holy flames.