Ardashir I, Sasanian King AD 223/4 – 240

Sunrise # 721; Goble IV/12; SNS Type V (4a)/3a(2b), Pl 13, 190), Superb Extremely Fine

Mint C: Ctesiphon (Administrative Capital to both Parthian and Sasanian empires). The City is also known in both Persian and Arabic languages as Taysafun also as Tisfoun or Mada-en. Currently located 20 miles Southeast of Modern Day Baghdad.


The coinage of Ardashir I employs different crowns during the course of his reign. The present coin belongs to what is known as the “coronation issue” and is among the best preserved specimens of its type. The obverse legend, written in Pahlavi, also known as Middle Persian, became a standard text (with minor variations) for the next two centuries. The legend reads “Ardashir, King of Kings, worshiper of Ahuramazda the Zoroastrian wise Lord”.