Valkash (Valaxs or Balash), Sasanian King AD 484-488

Sunrise # 955, SNS Type Ib/1b, Gobl Type I/1, Mochiri 990, Extremely Fine

Mint: GW or GO.


An outstanding example of this king’s silver drachm. The legend in front of the face written in the Pahlavi language reads (counter-clockwise) “The good king Valkash”. The obverse shows 2 rings which had only been used rarely, during the time of Hormizd II and Shapur II. The reverse shows the fire altar similar to that of Bahram V. The choices for these selections are not recorded. However the reverse, as propaganda, might be a reminder of one of the more prosperous periods under Bahram V. The Mint city is GW or GO which is generally recognized as Gorgan on the southeastern coast of the Caspain Sea in present day Iran. The city and its surrounding region was s major strategic point where years later a defensive wall was built to keep invading nomads away and under control. The city was an important trading post with access to the Caspian Sea.