Yazdgird III, Sasanian King AD 632-651

Sunrise # 1010, Gobl Type I/1, Mochiri 388, Extremely Fine

Mint: SK (Sakastan)-Present day province of Sistan. Year: 3 (regnal Year).


Yazdgird III was the last of the Sasanian monarchs. He governed for 19 or 20 years, mostly spent in marshaling the remaining resources of Persia to fight the Arab Invasion. He was the son of prince Shahriyar (Shahryar) and grandson of Khosrau II. He was unsuccessful in repulsing the invading Arabs and lost the capital Ctesiphon after the battle of Qadesiyeh. In Ctesiphon, the conquering Arabs came upon the imperial treasury containing riches beyond imagination. The capture of the treasury gave the advancing Arab armies resources to expand their campaign of conquest. Some Persian commanders and governors such as Piruzan, the governor of Khuzestan, joined the Arab armies and provided important information rnecessary to break Yazdgird’s resistance. Eventually, Yazdgird was killed in a plot orchestrated by the governor of the city of Marv. Upon his death, the Sasanian Empire came to an end.