Narseh, Sasanian King AD 293-303

Sunrise # 803 (this coin), Gobl type II/2 variant, SNS Type Ia/1a, Extremely Fine

Mint: Unknown.


Narseh’s coinage follows the typical format of Sasanian coins. In addition there are symbols that appear on the reverse like his predecessors. In his case the symbol to the left of the flame is of “Faravahar” (symbolizing divinity, and the one on the right the which is Tarus like symbol is “caduceus” which is a common symbol bwteen the Mesopotamian, Greek and Roman representing various aspect of “Earthly Life”. The discussion on this symbol is outside of the scope of this narrative and extremely fascinating. The symbols might well represent Heaven (divinity) and Earth (Caduceus). Also notice the appearance of pellets on the korymbos of the crown.