Ardashir III, Sasanian King AD 628-630

Sunrise # 993, Gobl Type I/1, Superb Extremely Fine

Mint: ART ( Ardashir Xvarrah)-Present day Firuzabad. Rare mint for this monarch. Year: 2 (regnal year).


Ardashir III was the son of Kavad II (Siroe). His mother was Anzoy. She was, according to some records, a Roman princess and according to others, a Roman slave. Ardashir III was a Christian. He was put on the throne at age 7. His grand vizier Mah-Adhur Gushnasp governed the empire on his behalf in an efficient and exemplary way. The Sasanian generals, especially their leader Shahrbaraz, were not happy with the rise of Kavad II to power. Once Ardashir III took the throne, Shahrbaraz, who was an old and clever commander, covertly began a campaign to remove the child king from power. He succeeded and Ardashir was poisoned. Ardashir’s drachms show him as a young child. He wears two different crowns on his coins; this is the first.