Khosrau (Husrav) III or Khosrau(Husrav) V, Sasanian King AD 629-631 or AD 631-637

Sunrise # 1003, Goble TypeI/1, Mochiri 437, Saeedi 310, Extremely Fine

Mint: WYHC (Veh-az-Amid-Kavad)-There are several interpretation as to where this city is. More than likely this is one of the satelite cities of the greater capital of Ctesiphon (Madaa-en). Year 2 (regnal year).


This king, as seen from his coin, was a child or adolescent similar to Ardashir III. He ruled in the eastern parts of the Sasanian Empire, as a rival king to the usurper Shahrbraz, the military leader who held the capital Ctesiphon.