Azarmidukht, Sasanian Queen AD 631-632

Mochiri ENIS II, # 505, Nearly Mint State

Mint: WYHC. Year: 1 (regnal year). One of the great rarities in this series.


Queen Azarmidukht was sister of Queen Buran and daughter of Khosrau II. The infighting between various military leaders, nobles and priesthood were intense at this period allowing one ruler to come to throne only to be overthrown and killed and replaced by another unfortunate candidate. Azarmidokht was one such unfortunate candidate. Her coins are among the highest rarities of ancient coins and specially among the Sasanian series. Her coin was recognized initially by M.I. Mochiri several decades ago. There are two different images for this queen on her coins. One showing her as a man (this coin) and another one that is showing her without beard similar to that of Khosrau III.