Khosrau II (Aparviz), Sasanian King AD 590-628

Sunrise # 980, Gobl Tpe II/3, Xinjiang WQ-I-2-212, Nearly Mint State

Mint: DA (Darabgird). Year: 25 (regnal year).


Khosrau II minted an extremely large number of silver drachms at many differernt mints, more than likely due to massive military operations that eventually exhausted the treasury. This is typical example of the silver drachm for this monarch. This basic design was utilized for all the remaining years of the dynasty’s coinage. The name of the king is in front of the face read clockwise. Behind the head is the symbol GDH (Farreh) followed by the phrase “Apzuti” meaning “may God increase his greatness”. In the margin at 4 o’clock is the word “APD” in Pahlavi letters meaning “good”. On the reverse at right is the mint signature “DA” (Darabgird) and on the left, the year “PANCH-VISTI” (“twenty-five”).