Hormizd V or VI, Sasanian Kings AD 631-632

Sunrise # 1008, Goble Type I/1, Mochiri 929, Saeedi 305, Superb Extremely Fine

Mint: AIRAN (Present day Shush). Year: 2 (regnal year).


Hormizd V or VI is among the dozen pretenders to the throne who assumed power, one after another. Some records refer to him as Farrokh Hormizd. His son was Rostam Farrokhzad who was the commander of Persian Army at the battle of Qadesiyeh. Hormizd V was killed in a palace coup orchestrated by Azarmidukht after forcefully requesting her to marry him. His coins bears the regnal years one, two and three, meaning he must have remained in power for at least 2 years.