Vahram (Bahram) II, Sasanian King AD 276-293

Sunrise # 791 (this coin), Triton XIV 1/4/11 # 471, Gobl Type X/3, SNS Type VII/5, Superb Extremely Fine

Mint: Unknown.


This is the first group portrait in Persian coinage, featuring the king and queen jugate right, facing the crown prince. Bahram’s coinage was an important vehicle for propaganda, establishing the legitimacy of his rule and that of his successor. Queen Buran, who ruled centuries later, is the only other queen portrayed on the Sasanian coinage as a female. A third queen called Azarmidoxt was portrayed as a man. It is also important to note variations in the crowns worn by the queen and the crown prince. The queen is wearing the boar’s head crown while the crown prince wears the eagle’s head crown. The symbolism behind these forms is not fully understood and has been subject of debate. It is possible, as suggested by some historians, that the head gear was worn for religious ceremonies. Looking closely at this coin and the essence of the crowns, one sees Victory (king), Strength (queen) and Aspiration (Crown prince).