Sede Vacante, 1549-1550

Muntoni 3; Berman 979, PCGS graded VF-20

Ancona. SEDE VACANTE, canopy and crossed keys over shield. Reverse: S PAVLVS ANCONA, St. Paul standing facing , holding Gospels.

The College of Cardinals met in conclave between November 29, 1549, and February 7, 1550, in order to choose the successor of Pope Paul III. Although conclaves are supposed to be closed to the outside world, by January of 1549, some 400 people are reported to have been present for the election although only 48 of these were actually cardinals! Many of the extraneous individuals were agents and ambassadors from France, Spain, and the Holy Roman Empire hoping to influence the vote, although others were there to determine the prospects of candidates for Roman bankers offering betting spreads on the outcome. At the end, Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte was elected Pope Julius III as a compromise between the French and Imperial factions.