Antiochos XI with Philip I Philadelphus, Seleucid King 94-93 BC

SC 2437; HGC 9; Hougton, SNR 66., Superb Extremely Fine

Uncertain mint in Cilicia, likely Tarsus, ca. late 94 – early 93 BC. Diademed and jugate heads right of Antiochus in foreground and Philip, both lightly bearded. Rev. Zeus enthroned l. holding Nike in r. hand and grounded long lotus-tipped scepter in l. Two exceptional portraits in sculptural high relief. Extremely rare..


Proclaiming their joint kingship, the twin brothers, known as “brother-lovers”, struck a rare series of silver tetradrachms bearing their jugate portraits, this example being one of the finest known. In early 93 BC, in a battle against his cousin, Antiochus XI fell into the Orantes river and drowned leaving Philip Philadelphus as sole survivor to reign until his death in 76/75 BC.