Antiochos Hierax, Tyrant of Anatolia 242-227 BC

SC 875.1a; WSM 1568? = Sunrise 188 (this coin); HGC 9, 399g, Superb Extremely Fine

Alexandreia Troas mint. Head of Antiochos I, rejuvenated and idealized, right, wearing winged diadem. Reverse: BA?I?E?? AN-TIOXOY, Apollo seated to left on omphalos, holding arrow and resting left hand on bow which is set on ground; monogram to inner right, horse grazing right and monogram in exergue.


From the Sunrise Collection. Ex Kovacs X (18 May 1990), lot 153; Virgil Brand Collection (Hess-Leu 31, 6 December 1966), lot 514; Edward Herbert Bunbury Collection (Part 2, Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 17 June 1896), lot 451.