Roman Empire

Severus II, Co-Caesar AD 305-306

RIC 34; cf. Depeyrot 9/3 (obv. legend); Calicó 4996, Extremely Fine

Nicomedia. SEVERVS NOB CAES, laureate head of Severus II right. Reverse: MARTI PA-TRI (NK), Mars standing facing, head left, resting hand on grounded shield and holding spear; SMN.

Ex NAC 78 (26 May 2014), 1147; Sternberg XXXII (28 October 1996), 785; Lanz 50 (27 November 1989), 813

Valerius Severus (Severus II), a noted military officer and old friend of Galerius, had served as Caesar to Constantius I in AD 305, but in AD 306 he was appointed Augustus in opposition to the usurpation of Constantius’ son Constantine. However, much of his brief reign was spent not at war with Constantine, but with Maxentius, the son of Maximian, who raised a revolt in Rome. Severus II besieged Maxentius, but was himself forced to surrender in AD 307 when Maximian came out of retirement to assist his son. Despite assurances to the contrary, Severus II was imprisoned and later executed.