Agilulf in the name of Phocas, Lombardic Kings of Northern Italy 602-610

NAC 25, Zuerich 2003 #644 (attributed to “Northern Italy?”), PCGS-graded MS-63

Obverse depicts a draped and cuirassed bust facing, wearing crown surmounted by cross on circlet and holding globus cruciger. The reverse shows angel standing facing, holding globus cruciger and long staff. An exceptional example of this rare issue, with lovely gold patina.

A ruthless tyrant, Phocas gained prominence in 602 as a leader in the revolt against the Byzantine emperor Maurice. He declared himself emperor immediately and brutally purged his opponents. He proved to be incompetent as a ruler and military leader. Carthage rebelled, seized Constantinople on 5 October 610, and executed Phocas on the same day, ending his short reign.