Constantine IV with Heraclius & Tiberius, Byzantine Emperor 668-685

S.1201,  Mint State

Mint of Syracuse. Bust of Constantine IV facing, beardless, wearing crown and chlamys and holding global-cross. Rev. Cross potend on three steps between facing standing figures of Heraclius (on l.) and Tiberius (on r.), each wearing crown and chlamys and holding globus-cross between them.

Commencing in 674, the Arabs launched a long-feared siege of Constantinople. Constantine had prepared the city with ample provisions. He also constructed “fireships” and placed them in the harbor to destroy attackers. For 5 years, Arab invaders attempted to seize the city, without success, at last agreeing to a truce that included an annual tribute paid to the emperor which included 3,000 pounds of gold! This gold coin shows the emperor Constantine and, on the other side, his two brothers, Heraclius and Tiberius, who were sacrificed so they could not succeed him.