Second Democracy, Second Democracy 466-405 BC

Boehringer 440,  Mint State

Charioteer, wearing long chiton and holding the reins in both hands driving slow quadriga right; above, Nike flying left to crown the charioteer; ketos swimming to right in exergue. Rev. Head of Arethusa right, wearing pearl diadem, pearl necklace, and drop earring, hair tied in a krobylos; four dolphins swimming clockwise around.

The Deinomenid tyrants ruled Sicily from Syracuse during the years 485-465 BC: the brothers Gelon I (ruled 485 BC-478 BC), Hieron I (478 BC-466 BC) and Thrasybulus (466-465 BC), all sons of Deinomenes. Legend maintains that Deinomenes was told by an oracle that each of his sons was destined to become tyrant. When Thrasybulus was overthrown, Syracuse became a republic for sixty years, from 466-405 BC, known as the Second Democracy.