Roman Empire

Theodosius I, Emperor AD 379-395

RIC 5b; Depeyrot 6/2, Superb Mint State

Mediolanum, AD 379. D N THEODO-SIVS P F AVG, diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Theodosius I right. Reverse: VICTOR-IA AVGG, the two co-emperors seated facing, together holding globe between them; behind, Victory standing facing; (palm)//MDOB.

Ex NAC 100 (29 May 2017), 699; CNG E389 (18 January 2017), 792

A son of the disgraced Count Flavius Theodosius, the future Theodosius I was appointed magister militum in order to drive back the Goths after the death of Valens at the battle of Adrianople (AD 378). A year later he was rewarded for his successes when Gratian elevated him as Augustus in the East. After the death of Gratian, Theodosius I initially recognized the usurper Magnus Maximus, but after the latter expelled Valentinian II from Italy, he marched west to defeat Maximus and restore Valentinian II in AD 387. Theodosius I again returned in AD 394 to defeat Eugenius, a usurper who had replaced Valentinian II. With this victory the Empire was united under a single ruler for the last time, but Theodosius had little time to relish his accomplishment. He died the following year and the Empire was divided between his sons.