Thierry (Theuderic) III, AD 679-691

Prou -, Choice Very Fine

In 673, Theuderic III succeeded his brother Clothaire III as King of Neustria, but Childeric II, the King of Austrasia, almost immediately overthrew him. However, when Childeric II died two years later, Clothaire II returned and reclaimed the throne of Neustria. He campaigned against Dagobert II, the successor of Childeric II in Austrasia, and had a hand in the assassination of the former in 680. Theuderic III subsequently became King of Neustria and Austrasia, thereby briefly uniting the Frankish kingdom. This gradually fell apart as the powerful mayors of the palace in Austrasia and Neustria went to war with one another. Theuderic III and the Neustrian mayor Berthar were defeated by the Austrasian mayor Pepin of Heristal at the Battle of Tertry in 687. Theuderic III continued to rule Neustria until his death in 691, but the stage was set for the future dominance of Austrasia and its Pippinid mayors of the palace.

Uncertain mint. Diademed head of Thierry III right. Reverse:[…]ACIVI, short cross with A S above, all within circle.

Ex MDC Monaco (1 December 2017), 364