Third Republic, 1882-A

KM 832; Friedberg 590, PCGS graded MS-65

The disastrous end of the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871) and the chaotic political and social upheavals that it produced were assuaged somewhat by the formation of the Third French Republic in 1875. Although originally thought of as a provisional government, it managed to survive until the German invasion of France and the creation of the puppet Vichy government in 1940. The survival of the Third Republic is rather remarkable considering the sharply polarizing politics that it engendered between French monarchists, reformists, and conservatives, and the frequent attempts to overthrow it.

Paris. Genius standing right, writing the Constitution, between fasces and rooster. Reverse: Denomination above date within circular wreath.

Ex Heritage (11 August 2016), 32247