Roman Empire

Valentinian III, Western Roman Emperor AD 425-455

RIC 2034; Depeyrot 42/1, Superb Mint State

Rome, AD 435. D N PLA VALENTI-NIANVS P F AVG, diademed half-length bust of Valentinian left, wearing jeweled mantle, holding mappa and cruciform-scepter over shoulder. Reverse: VOT X MVLT XX, emperor, wearing consular robes and crown with pendila, enthroned facing, holding mappa and cruciform-scepter; R-M//CONOB.

Ex Heritage 3048 (11 August 2016), 32124

In AD 424, Theodosius II elevated the five-year-old Valentinian III as Western Emperor in opposition to the usurping Joannes. Due to his extreme youth, his mother, Galla Placidia, ruled as regent for Valentinian III until AD 437, after which he ruled on his own under the powerful influence of his magister militum Aetius. Although Aetius had some success against the Visigoths in Gaul, the reign of Valentinian III saw the loss of Africa to the Vandals and much of Hispania to the Suebi and other Germanic peoples, forcing him to impose onerous taxes to maintain the Roman army. Then, in AD 451, Attila and his Huns crossed the Rhine and devastated Gaul and northern Italy before plague and events in the Hunnic homeland caused them to turn back. Having accomplished little over the course of his reign, Valentinian III was assassinated by embittered soldiers three years later.