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Coin 344 – 1849. No L $1 Liberty NGC Proof 64 Cameo Star

Coin Number 344 Here is an incredibly important early proof coin. Although a gold dollar had been proposed, and even pattern pieces struck in 1836, the gold dollar was not adopted until 1849. The proper legislation passed in March of 1849,…
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Coin 345 – 1849. No L $1 Liberty NGC MS-68

Coin Number 345 This is the first type of Gold dollar coined for general circulation. These were coined on May 8, 1849 and only 1,000 were reported struck that day, under the authorizing Mint Act of March 3, 1849. These lack the initial of…
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Coin 346 – 1851 $1 Liberty NGC MS-69

Coin Number 346 Here is the finest certified example of this date and mint, at a grade level which is rarely achieved by any date or mint, with just a handful known at this very top grade of any date. For the common issue of 1851, this is the…