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Coin 043 – SILVER GROAT (1279-1307), PCGS EF-40

Edward I, Plantagenet King, 1272-1307 S-1379A, N-1007 The New Coinage groat, valued at four pennies, was the first coin of this size ever issued in England; for the first time, too, the facing image of the crowned king was set within a…
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Coin 044 – SILVER PENNY (1280), PCGS AU-58

Edward I, Plantagenet King, 1272-1307 S-1386, N-1014 Crowned facing portrait; reverse, long cross with trefoil of 3 pellets in each angle, Canterbury mint, made January -May 1280. An early issue of the New Coinage of 1279-1307. This king,…