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Coin 064 – GOLD NOBLE (1413-1422), PCGS MS-65

Henry V, Lancastrian King, 1413-1422 S-1744, N-1373 "Standard type," London mint, annulet and mullet by sword arm. Rare. An exquisite example of this famous warring king's largest gold coin, boldly struck down to the smallest detail of…
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Coin 065 – GOLD HALF-NOBLE (1413-1422), PCGS AU-58

Henry V, Lancastrian King, 1413-1422 S-1750, N-1377 "Standard type," London mint, broken annulet on ship's side, mullet above shield, a distinctive feature of Henry V's gold. Extremely rare variety, but Half-nobles of this king are elusive…
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Coin 066 – GOLD QUARTER-NOBLE (1413-1422), PCGS MS-62

Henry V, Lancastrian King, 1413-1422 S-1754, N-1381/1 "Standard type," London mint, stars in angles of floriated cross (central motif, reverse). Rare, especially so well preserved. A lovely example of this variety. The mere survival of…