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Sasanian Empire, Gold Light Dinar (4.14g, 21 mm), AD 438-457

Yazdgird (Yazdgard) II, Sasanian King AD 438-457 Sunrise # 930, SNS Type Ic2/1, Gobl Type I/2, Superb Extremely Fine Mint: AW (Ohrmazd Ardashir) near present day city of Shushtar in southwest Iran. . Yazdgird II came to power after…
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Sasanian Empire, Gold Dinar (7.26 g, 21 mm), AD 309-379

Shapur II (Also known as "The Great"), Sasanian King AD 309-379 Sunrise # 829, SNS Type Ia/1b,, Extremely Fine Mint : Ctesiphon. . Shapur II is one of the greatest Sasanian monarchs who through his military strategies and strength…